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Ideas, goals, pursuits...

I am currently an electrical engineering student with a strong background in art, anatomy, physiology and an understanding of kinesiology.  Currently, I am building up my knowledge base from a technician's view to an engineer's view of electrical engineering.

My ultimate goal academically is to get a PhD in a field that lets me help to pave the way into cybernetics with brain to machine interfacing so that we could have things like full-dive virtual reality, integrated augmented reality (within bounds) and more importantly, prothetic devices that are connected and fully integrated into the biomechanical system of the human body so that no injury, illness or accident can stop a person from giving their all and living life on their terms to the fullest.

Pursuing my goals means to live life to the fullest, reach for beyond the stars and to experience all that life, academia, and my curiosity has to offer. I also plan to share what I have learned, though that would not be through academia, through the professional organizations I'm connected with as well as one on one with my colleagues, students and creative outlets.