Where I came from... this goes from just after high school to the start of my engineering career


My full academic resume from College to academic projects, and internships large and small.


List of what I consider to be accomplishments that aren't under the education section. Certifications and awards.

Future planned project

Not all ideas are fleshed out, chased and completed. But for those that I am working with others on, or have pursued enough to put here, but haven't completed, I've shared here.

Please note, everything past this point I have complete or partial ownership in (except where otherwise stated). Projects with proprietary rights (i.e. I worked on but don't own) are not here.

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Completed and put on Pause

An artist's work is never completely done. Just abandoned. As such, sometimes, I need to put down some projects once I've reached a stopping point. Here you will find past projects that have been presented that I have contributed in some way to.

Filed here...