The actuators are created individually under constant tension on the apparatus seen in figure(1). To make the apparatus, a DeWalt DW920 handheld electric screwdriver was mounted on a linear rail system. A hook drill bit was made for attaching the filament to, and on the opposite side of the screwdriver, a sliding double hook was placed. The filament would be attached to one side, while a permanent lead to the weight plate on the other side was placed.

A PASCO CI-6538 rotation sensor attached to the screwdriver bit and to the tension hanging weight pulley allowed for measurements in the rotation of the drill (line twist) and change in the length of the string as it was twisted, respectively. Once fully coiled, the excess torsion was removed and placed into a modified toaster oven for annealing at 150 degrees C. Readings of the actuator were taken using the PASCO 6538 and temperature readings with the use of a K-Type thermocouple and a RTD temperature probe (PASCO CI-6525).